Private or Group classes. Which is best?

Some people prefer group classes. Others would not attend anything but private classes.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each of them.

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  • Focus – The teachers offers lessons tailored to your personal needs and ability to grab a subject. These lessons are really personalised.

  • Pace – 1to1 sessions usually get faster results.  No need to wait that the whole group grap the point. The teacher can move to next.

  • Flexible times – Schedule is made to fit your busy calendar.  Early mornings.  Lunch times.  Evenings.  Weekends.

  • At the place you want – at work, at home or in our premises. The learner choose the best place for himself.


  • More interaction – Join in on discussions, debates and get more practise speaking and listening

  • Learn From Peers – see how others are progressing (or not). Learn from other’s mistakes.

  • Overcome Shyness – Learning in a group let the learner more time to digest information and does not leave the pressure on a single person.

  • Others might ask important questions – Benefit from the questions others have thought of!

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