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Language proficiency tests

Measure your command of a language with these tests. We based this test on grammar and standard vocabulary that you find in all the language learning materials.

We offer these tests for self-assessment purposes only. You may find that your score on this test is not consistent with the other tests you have taken. is solely responsible for the content. Have fun !

French proficiency test
Dutch proficiency test
English proficiency test
Spanish proficiency test

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Why learn with ? is a multicultural school based in Brussels and Wavre. We organize courses for adults, teens and children. We focus on speaking and conversation because we believe that you learn by talking!

We also emphasize the quality of the courses: experienced and motivated teachers; tailor-made materials, flexible hours to allow you to study when it suits you best.

The social aspect of a course is also very important. We make sure the atmosphere is relaxed and everyone finds their place!


A multicultural school in one of the most cosmopolitan city

Wherever you come from, we welcome you

Diversity is a wealth! Any new language your learn will open your mind and make you discover a new part of the world!


Tailor-made program and experienced teachers

Quality courses for fast results

Thanks to a proven immersive method and our certified teachers, you will be confident enough to speak your new language right away!


Your learning style and your availability do matter!

You chose when and how you want to learn!

We will made up a tailor-made program to meet your needs.
Learn in person or online, alone with the teacher or join a group!


You and your kids will be welcome like family

Because learning a language must be fun!

The social aspect of language classes is very important, and we truly believe that if you have fun you’ll have an easier time learning!

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Studying at was a wonderful experience. The teachers are great and the school is small and familiar. Everyone knows each other and it’s easy to make new friends. You’ll never be bored during the lessons. I studied at for 3 months and the time flew!

Antony Walsh, from Ireland

My wife and I speak Turkish at home. Kids speak French at school.  We wanted them to start English very early. They have begon an English programme at when they were 4,5 and 6 years old.  It was fun to hear them singing English at home after the class!  Very good experience for us and for them as well!

Demir Osturk, from Turkey (and Schaerbeek, Belgium)

My children (10 and 15 years old) have always struggle with languages.  AT, their behavior changed.  They started to enjoy speaking Dutch and would always come home happy and in a good mood!  Thanks for that!

Pauline Henrard, from Belgium

I spent 3 months in Belgium and I followed a French course in this school. The teachers and the staff are great, the atmosphere is very friendly. The courses are efficient and it was pleasant to be in a small group.

Giulia Romano, from Italy

My kids are learning Dutch at since september 2019.  They learned a lot.  And their teachers made them enjoy languages… what was not easy for them become a fun game and a nice challenge!

Maria Constantinescu, from Romania and Belgium

The atmosphere was always fun, light, family-like and also professional. I was worried that the kids would be too excited and tired to focus but the teacher was so warm and made the class fun for them so that they actually enjoyed the class! We loved this little school!

Kadija Bennani, from Marocco

Mes enfants ont participé aux cours pendant deux ans.  Ils ont fait de beaux progrès, l’un en anglais, l’autre en néerlandais.  Les profs étaient toujours dynamiques et pleins d’enthousiasme.  Je recommanderais les yeux fermés!

Stéphanie Van Lathem, de Belgique, Bruxelles

J’ai une ado de 16 ans. Le néerlandais a toujours été un cauchemar pour elle.  On avait essayé les stages en immersion, les cours particuliers… Rien n’y faisait.  Mais avec les cours “à petites doses” de 1h par semaine avec d’autres jeunes de son âge, ça a marché.  La méthode était essentiellement orale… peu de grammaire et d’exercices systématiques et lourds comme à l’école. Bref un succès. 🙂

Emilie Claes, Brussel