The 5 things to be prepared to teach online.

Teaching by Skype has become a must in today’s world. And, although some are not yet convinced, teaching online has many advantages. No loss of time in transport, greater flexibility of timetables, use of new digital tools…

In this post, I share with you my experience of online courses and the 5 things to know for a successful course!

Before the course: some practical details
First of all, check your equipment: is your Internet connection sufficient? Do you have a good microphone? Is it plugged in? What about your camera?
You will also need to make sure you have sent the invitation to your students! Questions? => Follow our tutorial!

Well prepared course material.
Forget flashcards and board games that make your lessons so fun! Behind a screen, it doesn’t work. Fortunately, many other tools exist. Think of PowerPoints, Word / GoogleDoc documents. You can send them to your students in advance and even use Google Classroom to interact with them.

Share your screen
Close your personal tabs :-), and share your screen! It’s perfect for teaching online. All your participants will be able to read what you write, see the documents you open, etc. A real interactive board!

Be creative. Share your screen, also use chat, smileys… Videos, Podcasts, News, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram… are all wonderfull ways to make your lessons fun, attractive and to think outside-the-box…

A good lesson plan
Improvisation really does not work for Skype classes. Notify participants in advance of the lesson topic. They can read a text in advance, prepare a document, watch a video …
The course may end in free conversation on various subjects. If so, be sure to use the chat to point out participants’ mistakes.

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