Elementary schools

Language workshops

  • Duration: 20 to 25 weeks per academic year

  • Duration of a workshop: 1 hour

  • Audio material, videos, games, exercises, board games, etc.

  • Emphasis on conversation, oral skills with the basics in grammar.
  • Dynamic, creative and motivated instructors
  • After school, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays

    (Schedules to be agreed upon according to the availability of the premises)

  • In the elementary school

  • In VERY SMALL groups: max 12 participants (4 minimum)

Your benefits

  • The children are taken care of, in small groups, after school

  • You offer your pupils the opportunity to learn foreign languages
  • The rental of the premises is an additional income for the school

Learning in small groups is better

We will suggest a group according to the age of your child.

Unlike school, where the classes are large, our groups are very small, so the teacher can focus on the needs and difficulties of each child.

In M1, M2 and M3, the children are in the same group. During the sessions, they will become familiar with the language and learn basic vocabulary as well as small everyday phrases. The group is called funny sheep group or the grappige schaapjes

From P1 to P3, the focus will always be on oral skills. Fun remains at the center of the learning process! We sing, we play, we talk more and more! This is the group of cro-cro-codiles or Kro-Ko-dillen

From P4 to P6, the teacher will always focus on oral skills and the children will also learn to write and do short exercises. We are the playfull owls or speelse uilen and we are getting ready for secondary school!

A method that changes

The team believes in learning by doing.

          This means that the pupils learn English or Dutch through fun activities. Children are encouraged to talk about topics that interest them and are directly related to their daily lives.

Our approach is not to add an after-school class, but rather a gentle, intuitive and playful learning experience that will build on the child’s environment.

          Each daily gesture will be reinterpreted in the target language in order to directly link what the child experiences to what the child hears. The toddler’s daily routines (snacks, games, bedtime, etc.) will be revisited by our teachers who will take care to communicate with the children only in the target language.


We organize workshops in several elementary schools in Brussels and Wallonia. Every school and every education project is different, so we adapt to your school and its audience. Schedules, group size, method, etc. may vary from one school to another. We suggest you click on the links below to discover some of our projects.

Whether you are a principal, a member of the PO, a parent association or a parent of a student, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you organize such workshops.

Ecole communale de Dion-Valmont
Ecole communale de Gistoux
Ecole communale de Chaumont
Ecole libre de Profondsart – Limal
Institut de la Providence – Wavre
Ecole St Pie X – Ottignies
Collège du Biéreau – louvain-la-Neuve
Ecole fondamentale autonome – Hamme-Mille
école communale de Limelette – Jassans
Ecole Wisterzée / Neufbois – Court-Saint-Etienne
Ecole communale du centre de Rixensart
Ecole La Bruyère Genval
Ecole communale de Limelette
Ecole Libre Ste Elisabet ARCHennes
Ecole communale de Bourgeois – Rixensart
Ecole Marie Popelin – Evere
Ateliers à l’école Neuve – Schaerbeek
Ecole des 7 Bonniers – Forest
GO Basisschool Hendrik Conscience – Schaerbeek
Ecole Fondamentale Annexée Athénée Royal – Evere
Collège Jean XXIII – Woluwe
Ecole Mater Dei – Stockel
Ecole Sacré Coeur de Stockel
Ecole communale de Lauzelle – Louvain La Neuve
Ecole de Messidor – Uccle
Ateliers à Clair-Vivre – anglais
Ateliers à Clair-Vivre – néerlandais
Ateliers à l’école du Biéreau – anglais
Ateliers à Dion – Néerlandais
Ateliers à Dion – Anglais
Ateliers à l’école du Biéreau – néerlandais
Ateliers à Gistoux – Anglais
Ateliers à Chaumont – Néerlandais
Ateliers à Chaumont – Néerlandais
Ateliers à Profondsart – Néerlandais
Ateliers à Profondsart – Anglais
Ateliers à Marie Popelin – Anglais
Ateliers à Saint Pie X – Anglais
Ateliers à Saint Pie X – Néerlandais
Ateliers à Marie Popelin – Néerlandais
  • Ecole communale Clair-Vivre Evere
  • Mettre à jour : Ecole de perwez / saint Jean Baptiste à wavre / la providence à Wavre