: Ecole de langues Bruxelles : Cours d'anglais, de français, de néerlandais en petites classe, cours privés, cours de groupe, programmes intensifs, spécifique pour expatriés

Who are we?

classroom 1The language school story

I have started to teach French as a foreign language a fews years ago. I worked for different private schools first. After a while I realized that big structures are not always what clients are looking for: lots of points of contact, higher prices, several teachers, small flexibility… Therefore I decided to set up my own school. I wanted it human sized, welcoming and convivial.

My husband shared that adventure with me in helping me with communication and marketing.

classroom 2 remains what you are looking for: a small and human-sized language school, close to its clients.

We listen to you and, thanks to our experience, we put in place solutions that suit you: group or private classes, regular, semi intensive, intensive courses…

Since 2016, we welcome you rue Henri Chômé, in Schaerbeek! There in our new training center you will be able to learn French, English, Dutch in a friendly environment, around a coffe.

Who’s who?

Ségolène Charpentier

Ségolène Charpentier – Head teacher

Graduated from the Arts Facylty of the UCL, teacher in secondary school and self-employed French trainer since several years, she will discuss with you your training needs or the ones of your employes. She will remain your single point of contact during the entire duration of the traning and mayalso be your teacher.
She is a member of Federation Internationale des professeurs de français FIPF and of Association belge des professeurs de français


Nicolas Jauquet

Nicolas Jauquet – Manager

Expert in marketing and Web technical analyst, I put my experience at the service of Questions? Comments? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our team of trainers:

It is obvious that all our teachers are native speaker and master the language they teach very well. They also have a long experience in teaching or have the adequate qualifications. Our team is there to help you to speak the choosen language in a short time and in a relaxed atmosphere.

Discover what makes a good French teacher for us! (It works for any other teachers as well!)

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