Language School Brussels: English, French, Dutch courses in small classes, private lessons, group classes, intensive programs, specific for expatriates, evening classes

Simplify your life of expat in Brussels

I loved being an expat in Brussels. And thanks to, I improved my French, I discovered Brussels, the culture, traditions and full of good things to know about the city!
I didn’t think it was possible to learn a language in a relax atmosphere and to meet people at the same time…

Simplify your life of expat in Brussels thanks to…

… Private classes or small group classes with your friends and familly

Working with expatriates is our daily life. To help you  enjoy your stay in Brussels as from your arrival in Belgium, we help you  jump the language barrier :

  • at the town hall,
  • at the post office,
  • at the bank,
  • at the gym,
  • with your friends,
  • in the street,
  • in public transportation,
  • at work…

With get rid of language barrier and make you life easier!

… Conversation tables with your friends and colleagues helps you to settle more easily with conversation tables for those who do not want regular classes.

These sessions (the number is to be determined with you) are focused on Brussels life. Topics are linked to your needs and expectations:

  • life in Brussels,
  • good addresses,
  • administration in Belgium,
  • the teaching system,
  • the medical cares,
  • etc.

The teacher goes to your place, your office or even a Brasserie and helps you (why not around a drink?) with Brussels specificities in French !
This kind of course is more adapted to people having a B1 level at least.