Private German classes for kids

Kids love to learn with qualified teachers!

1 to 1 classes

  • For kids as from 4 to 11 years old

  • Focus on personal needs of the student (homeworks, remedial teaching, etc.)

  • Experienced and wonderful teachers

  • Material audio, music, video, games, cards, board games, etc.

  • At your place!

  • Length of the course: flexible. From 10 hours to

  • Classes lasting 1h30 or more

  • Flexible days and times

Learning German in a different way
Having fun
Natural process of mother language acquisition

Meet their personal objectives

There are many reasons to offer private lessons to your children:

  • The need for a little help at school

  • The desire that he / she learns a language to discover a new culture

  • Respond to his/her passion for languages

  • Be able to interact with the family

  • The need for English for a hobby, a sport, a passion

  • Prepare their future and increase their chance of entering the job market

A method for amazing results

The’s team believes in “learning by doing.

This means that kids (and teens) learn German by using the language in playfull situations. They are encouraged to talk about topics that are interesting and relevant to them.

Don’t worry about a thing! The team will welcome your kids like family.

The social aspect of language classes is very important to us, and we truly believe that if they have fun they’ll have an easier time learning German!


For all practical information (days, hours, prices, levels, etc.), click on the button below. Our course calendar is regularly updated but if you can’t find what you want, please let us know!
Do not hesitate any longer! Let your kid discover German!

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