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General or specialized French

With the customised French classes of, you hold the keys of success ! gives you the opportunity to chose between two options: general French or specialised French.    clef de la réussite, coaching développement personnel

General French 

You have a level of beginner or lower intermediate?  Suscribe for the option general French.
During these classes, you learn the bases of French or develop them.  Classes are mainly based on speaking and on your everyday life.
We advice you to go for this option if you wish to acquire a better general knowledge of the language. You discover the vocabulary of the day-to-day life and you become able to have a conversation about various subjects: politic, culture, economy, history, IT, social life, etc.

Specialised French

Since a few years, we have noticed that some people use a foreign language only in their own area of expertise.  And in some cases, they need a very sharp and technical vocabulary.  This is the reason why we propose specialized French classes.
You are trained on technical vocabulary, sentences and your trainer helps you to use them in role plays.

Let’s see some examples:

-You work in the HR department. Among other tasks, you are responsible for jobs offers, recruitment and analysis of incoming cv’s, preparing the employment contract for new employees, etc.  Therefore, the vocabulary linked to the human ressources must no have any secret for you! brings you its experience and a proper course support to overcome your difficulties.

-You are a lawyer and since a few weeks, you attend a course in French about Competition law.  Law is your area of expertise but legal French is definitly not your cup of tea?  Not for long anymore!  To help you is our job!

-You are an economist and technical terms in French remain difficult to use?  This option is also for you.

-You have just completed an internship in Brussels and now you are looking for a job?  Or you simply want to take over a new challenge in a other company?  Contact to know more about our sessions “Looking for a job”.  Your trainer will help you to write your cv and letter of motivation in French.  He will also give you tips and hints to better understand the Belgian labour market.

-Between presentations and meetings, you no longer know which way to look?  Choose our course : Professional communication in French.