Courses made to fit your internship!

  • Packages of 30 hours,
  • Classes of 2 hours,
  • A free level test at the beginning and at the end of the course
  • Material made for you
  • General or specialised French,
  • At your work place
  • In groups (price depends on number of participants
  • After 6pm

You are in Belgium for only a couple of months for an intership at the EC, EP or in a multinational? Share this information with your colleagues… You form a group of people wanting to learn French, we send you an offer for French classes adapted to the needs and budget of an intern! The teacher comes to the place of your choice. Days and times of the classes are decided together with the teacher. It’s flexible!

Your friends and yourself want to participate?

Contact us!

A course made for you

You learn French in small groups (max 10 students but 7 or 8 is better for you). Your trainer adapts the material to your professional needs and helps you to interact with your colleagues… This course is a very good way to help you communicate in French in the EC, EP or anywhere else!


Flexible times

Classes last two hours and take place after 6pm. We do everything we can to find a time and a day that suit your time schedule. It’s also possible to organise a course on saturday morning.

Classes take place at your work place or in our training center.

Don’t waste time in traffic jams anymore! Forget the stress of public transport! comes to you. Classes take place at your work place.

You prefer to come to our training center? You are welcome !


How do I book ?

Bookings are open on our webshop. We are of course also available to answer your questions via email or phone!

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