English Group Classes for teenagers

To make them jump over the difficulties of english language
To make them love English!

Her/His course

  • Length of the course: 12 to 14 weeks

  • Classes lasting 1h

  • Material audio, video, games, exercices, board games, etc.

  • Focus on conversation and oral skills with a base of grammar

  • Experienced and wonderful teachers

  • After school, Wednesday afternoon or Saturday morning

  • At school, in Schaerbeek!

  • In VERY small groups (max 7 participants).

Learning English in a different way
Having fun

Which level?

Your teens will be assigned to a group depending on age and level in English.

Groups being really small, the teachers can focus on each of them, unlike school.

If they are not beginner, they can take the online test!

It takes 15 minutes and will give us a good idea of where they stand in English!


Learning method

The EcoleDeLangues.be’s team believes in “learning by doing.

This means that teenagers improve English, not just by studying vocabulary or grammar from a book (like at school), but by using the language in realistic situations. Students are encouraged to discuss and exchange opinions with frequent writing and conversations about topics that are interesting and relevant to them.

Don’t worry about a thing! The team will welcome you like family.

The social aspect of language classes is very important to us, and we truly believe that if they have fun they’ll have an easier time learning English!


For all practical information (days, hours, prices, levels, etc.), click on the button below. Our course calendar is regularly updated but if you can’t find what you want, please let us know!
Do not hesitate any longer! Let your teenager discover English!

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