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10 good reasons to learn French

cerf-volant-chansonYou are an expat here in Brussels but you are not sure yet that to learn French can be useful for you?  Here you find several good reasons to speak the language of Molière in the capital of Europe.  Read them and start to learn French!

In General:

1. French is a language spoken on 5 continents, by people from varied origins and cultures;

2. In Europe, French is spoken in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Swizerland, etc.;

3. French is the fourth language used on the Web ;

4. Speaking one foreign language today is no more enough ;

5. French is the second language taught in the world after the language of Shakespeare;

In Brussels :

6. French is an asset on the Belgian labour market;

7. Speaking French can ease everyday life in Brussels : administration, shopping, restaurants, etc.;

8. By speaking French you get the opportunity to meet people and to enlarge your social network in Brussels;

9. French is an open door to culture, sport, art, etc. in Brussels;

10. Face the challenge and have fun with…  !


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