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Intensive language classes in Brussels

Intensive private French classesBoost your language skills with our team of professionnal teachers.

  • 10 hours
  • 2 hours/day
  • A free level test at the beginning
  • Course material tailored to your needs
  • At flexible times
  • Prices from 187€ VATexcl.!

An intensive course tailored for you

Your teacher will bring a material tailor-made for you. You learn the language in a fun and effective way.
Tell us your objectives. They will be ours.  How is a class organized?


An intensive course 

Take a week to improve quickly your skills in communication.
Classes every day 2 hours in the evening.

Your  class location

Classes will be held in our classrooms (Place Meiser, Schaerbeek)


Should you not find the package you are looking for, contact us!