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Customized language classes

French classes material was varied and adapted to what I needed. It was really customized French classes! (R., Italy)

Supports for your language classes are adapted to your level and your interests.

Trainers use a wide range of course supports:French classes - french grammar book

  • Print media and television (rtbf.be, tv5, etc.)
  • Exercices made by themselves,
  • Music and cinema (songs, extracts of moovies, etc.
  • Languages games
  • Vocabulary books,
  • Grammar book

Ecolesdelangues.be remains on a human scale. We take the time to take care of each participants. Your classes will be tailor-made and often updated during your training. EcoleDeLangues.be offers you language classes custom-made for you.

Our teachers are experienced trainers, dedicated to their student. A good teaching is for us about pushing students to excel!