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Summer French courses

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Summer french classes in Brussels

You want to learn French?

We propose different French courses in July and August.

When is it? from 6 to 9pm / from 9 to 12am / from 2 to 5pm

Where is it ? google map

How much is it? as from 300€/week

When is it? Any weeks in July and August.  These months don’t suit you?  We can also organise classes in June (on demand)

How do I book? by email : edlangues@gmail.com or by phone : 0474 74 93 83  Don’t hesitate to give us a call, it’s easier and faster!

Follow our French classes and improve your French!

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learn more about us Book your French intensive week French courses in Brussels in July and August tailor-made classes See where we are tailor made classes for you Intensive course in July and August See where we are and contact us!

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