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Prices of corporate language trainings

corporate language training

Corporate language training in practice are personalized!

All your employees do not have the same needs nor the same access to language trainings. For this reason, you can mix both private or semi-private and group classes.

Prices start at 42€/h (+21%VAT if applicable).


You have four groups of employees.  For a course of 30 classes of 2h (price per group):

2520€/courses of 60 hours (+21%VAT if applicable) (42€/h)*

For more information regarding corporate language trainings, please send me an email.
I will contact you to schedule a meeting to talk about your needs in terms of language courses.  
For a price offer, please send me the following information:
– the number of hours you need
– the language(s) your employees need to learn
– your address

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* conditions for purchase of 3 packages of 60 hours