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French for Erasmus

french for erasmusYou are in Belgium for only a couple of months for an Erasmus or an other exchange program in a Belgian university or high school?

Don’t waste your time!  

I have been an Erasmus student as well… And I’m sure of one thing: time is flying when living such a great experience!  During the first weeks, you spend a lot of time to solve administrative problems (and be ready… Belgium has not the faster administration in the world!), to get to know your colleagues, to find a flat, furniture, a bike or a public transport card… Well, I forgot the bank, the Internet, the student card and the registration at the town hall.

Start your language courses as soon as you arrived here!

What do I propose ?

French for Erasmus! You learn French in small groups.  Your trainer adapts the material to your needs and helps you to interact with your colleagues… This course is a very good way to help you communicate in French !

Your teacher who knows Brussels and Louvain-la-Neuve very well will share with you many nice things to know about life in Belgium : restaurants, pubs, clubs, museum, librairies, parks, sports, etc.

And most important thing: Price are light!

You want more information?  Check out our page about group classes

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