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Corporate group tuition in Brussels and surroundings

corporate group tuition

Client companies can have their employees trained in small groups to improve the level of their language skills. Corporate group tuition is a good way to improve communication into a company!

And communication is the key of success!

Classes will be held on a company’s premises.

Corporate group tuition are tailored to the specific requirements of the company.

How do we plan corporate group tuition?

– A first meeting will define your needs.
– Employees take an online level-test for French and have a oral test for the other languages.
– We talk together about the objectives of each of them.
– We arrange groups with same language levels and objectives.

Who should attend?

– people with a current (or future) needs to use the targeted language at work.
– people with a current or future need of the targeted language in the day-to-day life.
people committed to learning and able to make time available regularly to attend all the classes.
Regularity is the key of success when learning a new language!

Who are the teachers?

I work with a small team of experienced teachers.
You can find more information about the team on this page.

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