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Business language

Business language

Trainees are trained on technical vocabulary, sentences and the trainer helps them to use them in role plays.

Let’s see some examples of situation an employee can face:

-You work in the HR department. Among other tasks, you are responsible for jobs offers, recruitment and analysis of incoming cv’s, preparing the employment contract for new employees, etc. Therefore, the vocabulary linked to the human ressources must no have any secret for you! EcoleDeLangues.be brings you its experience and a proper course support to overcome your difficulties.

-You are a lawyer and since a few weeks, you attend a course in French (or an other language) about Competition law. Law is your area of expertise but legal French (or..) is definitly not your cup of tea? Not for long anymore! To help you is our job!

-You are an economist and technical terms in Dutch remain difficult to use? This option is also for you.

-Between presentations and meetings, you no longer know which way to look? Choose our course : Professional communication in French or English…

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